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Welcome to Bilflo – Simple Software for Staffing Companies

Bilflo is modern software built to serve staffing companies and their many needs. We know that staffing is complex so we’ve put years into building software that makes it simple and intuitive.

Feature Highlights

ATS Integration

Bilflo is built to integrate with any applicant tracking system so you don’t need to worry about manually entering information by hand.

Time Collection

Every kind of overtime rule imaginable across all 50 states, we got you covered.

Invoice Generation

Automatically create invoices based on approved timecards. Don’t worry, we make sure you never miss creating an invoice for a client.

Payroll & Accounting Synchronization

Bilflo talks with major payroll and accounting systems to take the labor out of your day.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Having easy access to the most important data is critical to running your staffing company, so step up your game with Bilflo’s reporting.

Built for Mobile

Every page looks great and works beautifully on every device, from your desktop to your cell phone.

Instant Access to Demo

We'll email you credentials to our demo application so you can see how everything works. Want someone to walk you through a demo? Check the box that says "Give me a tour!".

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